How Do I Change Yahoo Mail Account Settings?


You know exactly how it feels accessing your account in public computers, and anyone can get the access without your permission. This is why Yahoo brought up the sign-in settings. You can take help for understanding the same by reaching at Yahoo Customer Care Number to talk to the representatives. You can always use this setting if you accidentally logged into your account through public computer, you'll be logged out quickly.

Here are some easy steps to change the account settings for making it secure and protected -

Follow These Steps For Changing Yahoo Mail Account Settings -

  • Go to Yahoo on your web browser
  • Sign into your mail account
  • Click on the Settings and a new window will open up.
  • Now click onto Accounts and Edit your info, then click Continue.
  • Now verify your account by sign into a new web browser for the security measures
  • Now click on "Change Sigh-In settings" after re-entered your password to change the sign-in settings
  • Select "Sign me out every" option to log out promptly if you logged-in by some other public means. This helps in keep your account secure. You should by default choose the 1-day, or whatever you prefer.
  • At last click on the "Save Changes" button to finalize the changes you made in your account.

If you are still having any problem with changing Yahoo Mail account sign in settings steps mentioned above you can contact us at Yahoo Mail Phone Number to get quick and on the spot results for the same.

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